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The Design Revolution. Answering the toughest questions about design

The Design Revolution. Answering the toughest questions about design
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ID товара: 5481
Масса: 650 грамм
William A. Dembski
Издательство: InterVarsity Press
Обложка: Твердый переплёт
Стр.: 234
Год: 2004
isbn: 0-8308-2375-1
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Цена: 580 руб.
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The Design Revolution
Answering the toughest questions about design

Winner of a Christianity Today 2005 Book Award! A 2005 Gold Medallion finalist. Is it science?
Is it religion? What exactly is the Design Revolution?

Today scientists, mathematicians and philosophers in the intelligent design movement are challenging a certain view of science--one that limits its investigations and procedures to purely law-like and mechanical explanations.

They charge that there is no scientific reason to exclude the consideration of intelligence, agency and purpose from truly scientific research. In fact, they say, the practice of science often does already include these factors! As the intelligent design movement has gained momentum, questions have naturally arisen to challenge its provocative claims. In this book William A. Dembski rises to the occasion clearly and concisely answering the most vexing questions posed to the intelligent design program.

Writing with nonexperts in mind, Dembski responds to more than sixty questions asked by experts and nonexperts alike who have attended his many public lectures, as well as objections raised in written reviews. The Design Revolution has begun. Its success depends on how well it answers the questions of its detractors. Read this book and you'll have a good idea of the prospects and challenges facing this revolution in scientific thinking.

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