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Never Beyond Hope. How God Touches & Uses Imperfect People

Never Beyond Hope. How God Touches & Uses Imperfect People
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ID товара: 5480
Масса: 360 грамм
J. I. Packer
Издательство: InterVarsity Press
Обложка: Твердый переплёт
Стр.: 180
Год: 2000
isbn: 0-8308-2232-1
Формат: 2150 х 150 мм
Наличие: на складе
Цена: 460 руб.
в 5%:     —  437 р.
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Never Beyond Hope
How God Touches & Uses Imperfect People

Tied for a 2001 Best Non-Fiction Book, Christian Living award in the God Uses Ink Contest! If you get discouraged by your spiritual failures, you're not alone. In fact, you're in pretty good company.

From the life and death of Samson to Peter's denial of Jesus, the Bible is filled with stories of people who wanted to serve God but frequently failed. And yet God still worked through these men and women for his purposes and glory. Through God's power, their points of weakness became their greatest strengths. In Never Beyond Hope J. I. Packer offers his pastoral wisdom, exploring the stories of eight imperfect people portrayed in the Bible. Packer shows you how their struggles and triumphs relate to your own experiences and highlights how God works despite your mistakes.

Packer also teams up with expert Bible study writer Carolyn Nystrom, who helps you process and apply what you are learning in each chapter with study questions for personal reflection or group discussion, prayer suggestions and journaling ideas. Let this book help you discover that God's vision for your life may be far bigger than what you can see right now. Though you may be far from perfect, remember that in God's eyes you are never beyond hope.

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