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Church Next. Quantum changes in How We Do Ministry

Church Next. Quantum changes in How We Do Ministry
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ID товара: 5461
Масса: 305 грамм
Eddie Gibbs
Издательство: InterVarsity Press
Обложка: Мягкий переплет
Стр.: 249
Год: 2000
isbn: 0-8308-2261-5
Формат: 210 х 135 мм
Наличие: на складе
Цена: 280 руб.
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Church Next
Quantum changes in How We Do Ministry

A 2001 Christianity Today Book of the Year! What will the church be next?

Competition from nontraditional and Eastern religions join with the pressures of both modernism and postmodernism to squeeze Christianity. While new church models have sprung up to meet these challenges, they each have strengths and limitations.

Eddie Gibbs, a well-known church strategist and practitioner, candidly analyzes these models while proposing nine areas in which the church will need to transform to be biblically true to its message and its mission to the world. With vigor and insight Gibbs shows how we can move from living in the past to engaging the present from being market driven to being mission oriented from following celebrities to encountering saints from holding dead orthodoxy to nurturing living faith from attracting a crowd to seeking the lost Here is a book that brings together deep understanding of the quantum shifts taking place in our culture along with concrete suggestions for implementing a proactive mission strategy

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