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Fantastic After 40!

Fantastic After 40!
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ID товара: 5453
Масса: 275 грамм
Pam Farrel
Издательство: Harvest House Publishers
Обложка: Мягкий переплет
Стр.: 236
Год: 2007
isbn: 0-7369-1877-9
Формат: 215 x 140 мм
Наличие: на складе
Цена: 360 руб.
в 5%:     —  342 р.
в 7,5%  —  333 р.
в 10%  —  324 р.
в 15%  — 306 р.

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Fantastic After 40!

"In Fantastic After 40! Pam reveals the secrets to 'choosin' joy' when you hit midlife."

Carol Kent, speaker and author, Becoming a Woman of influence.

"There is no one who makes the number 40 seem like the best slice of life like Pam Farrel. "

You are over 40 now, a smart, sophisticated, and savvy woman.

For this exciting and demanding season, here is a book fill of fum facts and great tips on how to have a Fantastic After 40! life. Insights on health, menopause, and finances are charged with Biblical wisdom and loads of humor.

Discover how to

  • Trust in God in more fulfilling ways with life - impacting decesions.
  • Be at peace with new physical, mental, and emotional changes.
  • Benefit from diet, exercise, and relationships to maximize midlife and beyond.

You are entering the best season of your life . And what a fabulous, fulfilling future it can be!

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